Happy was the big hit of Pharrell Williams in which cooperate a lot of artists.
For a long time was the number one of the Forty Principals.
It was included in some movies like Gru my favourite villain 2.
On the last March the singer participated in the Oscar delivery ceremony.
Happy was one of the virals of 2018 and that's why a lot of people tried to plagiarize the idea in movies and other kind of things.

By Antonio.
Pharrell Williams sings "Happy".
Pharrell Williams sings "Happy".
The Minions
The Minions


"Touch the sky"

This musical Friday, as we have each month, we're going to performance a new song. This song is about the climate, the equality betwwen men and women... we mean, about some sustainable objectives. We have to learn it, it's very fun and we learn things about climate change and so on. You have to learn to take care of the only place we  have. This  song is the soundtrack of the movie BRAVE. We've already done more songs about the climate, this song has  many values. For example : equality, nature and climate change. The climate  changes because the world is  collapsing.

By Jimena and Alba.

On musical fridays we use to sing and dance songs , this friday we sang the song touch the sky of the movie "Brave" .

Brave is a famous movie because the main character is a very brave girl called Merida ,this song is about being free because her mom wants to find a men to marry her but she doesn't want to , she wants to see new things .

We love musical fridays because we sing and dance , in conclussion I think that singing in English with our partners is great !

By Sofía 


On the last Friday of each month, we sing a song in the English class and discuss the objects to take care of our world.  We practice the song during our English lessons and we sing it in the playground during the break for our partners on the last Friday each month.

Our first song is tittled "Sing for the climate" The song chosen in the world to promote ecology.

We sang as well that we are going to repeat the performance on the following Monday for the Finnish teachers. They are going to visit us from Finland and we will sing the song with our T-shirts (decorated by ourselves)

By Kevin, Ángel P. and Matías.


Today I want to tell you about a musical protest that has brought thousands of together people against the global warming.

Sing for the climate was the slogan of a great call to demonstrate in a cheerful and different way singing no more o less form the fight against climate change. 

It all starter when the voice of 800000 people from 180 cities in Belgium joined on September 22nd and 23rd 2012, to manifest themselves on the planet.

The song is harmonized order the notes of the anti-fascist anthem "Bella-Cio" and belong the @Just Earth" album, Diana Porter was the one who made the arrangements.

With this event, the participants in stalled politicians to take ambitious measures against the climate change both locally and nationally.

In all these cities and communities a video of the local event was made and with them the well know Belgian film director Hie Bathazar made final video about the clime.

Sing for the Climate

Just Earth

We need wake up
We need to wise up
We need to open our eyes
And do it now now now
We need to build a better future
And we need to start right now

We're on a planet
that has a problem
We've got to solve it, get involved
And do it now now now
We need to build a better future
And we need to start right now

Make it greener
Make it cleaner
Make it last, make it fast,
and do it now now now
We need to build a better future
And we need to start right now

No point in waiting
Or hesitating
We must get wise, take no more lies
And do it now now now
We need to build a better future
And we need to start right now


This song was a protest song against Vietnam war. This song was published the first of December in 1971 on USA BY John Lennon, and the song was recorded in Record Planet Studio at the end of October 1917. The song includes a children's choir from Harlem Community Choir. John Lennon (the singer) has a lot of famous songs like "Imagine" or "Hey Jude".

By Pablo.