Raining breaks

When it is raining we stay in class but we can also make fun games. Sometimes we play chess or other boards games. You don't have to go down to the playground to have fun!

By Rafa


On Wednesday we had to wear a bow tie,a necklace,a tie...

On Thursday:take off your laziness and put something on your head:a hat,a wig that increases your beauty,a helmet...

On Friday it was a carnival:we prepared the sardines,then we wrinkled them a put them in a larger sardine

After recess, we went to change to put on the disguise we went down to the playground  we sang and then it began to parade first as a childy , third...after sixth grade began to take the sardine while the choir sang they put the sardine in the middle and Juan the janitor began to make gasoline and suddenly came out fire, when  the fire ended the fifth pupils started to make the conga around the sardine and when we went up to class they were giving us boxes of chocolate sardines.

By Yaiza

Days without football

The days without football are Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the playground we can't play football and we play with other objects like a rugby ball, rackets, skipping ropes... We play with the hands, running and many other things.

By Eloy


What redin consists on:Redin consists on an indoor playground where students play board games. 
How is it organized: a group of a boys and girls of each course and two boys or girls of sixth grade who take care that nothing bad happens. What things cannot be done:
You can't go to the toilet in the middle of redin you should go before redin or after.
You cant't go up the stairs to class after the playground
You must go up the ramp with everyone. You should't make a lot of noise you can talk but not very loud. And last and more important do not leave the trash anywhere you must throw it in trash can.

The Buddies 

The Buddies are a children group who take care of the ramp and stairs.   Also they look out the ``REDIN´´ that is an indoor playground to nothing dangerous happens there. They help Mediators and the teachers along the schoolyear in different tasks.

There children are sixth grade students who are very responsable. They have been, as the Mediators, elected by their schoolmates.

By Iván

A team of volunteers from 5th degree helps the  teachers Susana and Ana to redecorate the school with a happier look: optimist pictures, colliding paintings, inspirational ideas...thanks, kids!!!

Great success of call about the new Mediators and Buddies elections. A lot of pupils from 5th degree want to help their schoolmates on the next school year. Bravo for them!!!!

15th, February. It'sthe date to fight agains the children cancer. Jimena brought her Baby Pelones, the dolls to cool...

Baby Pelones

They are lovely little dolls, they are solidarity dolls and they smell very well (vanilla). 

Baby pelones are marketed by the juegaterapia foundation and all the money raised goes to research on childhood cancer and to improve the canditions of sick children in hospitals, for example,building rooftop gardens.

Some baby pelones wear headscarues that have been desingned by famous people like  Alejandro Sanz,Sara Carbonero or Richard Gere.

By Emma

We are decorating our corridor every week with a topic about the current days (cultural present). In this ocassion, the chosen topic is "Carnival". We've got two sections: grammar (through dialogues) and " A very special alphabet"; both, about our weekly theme.


In English classes , only the volunteers bring a little notebook for writing little stories. I like very much writing stories , doing this things are great becouse we practice writing in English , and when the teacher correct us we learn the words we failed .

By Sofía


It was nine o'clock in the morning. I was very nervous because my parents would come to see me. We did many performances. One of them ,was the representation of a manifestation. Each pupil said a sentence for the climate and world development. We sang a song (So this is Christmas, by Johnn Lennon) . Then, we did a candy party at the classroom , that day. Finally, we could watch a film. It was : Padre no hay mas que uno. I loved it. The film was very funny. 

By Irene


We go to the stage room and the girls and the boys of children choir and fifth sang .

We put posters with Finnish words and with the traslation too.

The teachers from Finland visited the classes and we made questions . Their names are Sanna , Mary and Katia . Katia visited our class,  5ºA and she taught us a video recorded with a drone of her school . She said to us who go to a sauna and then go run to a lake is five meters away . We had a great time . They were here from Monday to Thursday . They are very nice!

By Naya and Nerea.


It's on 30th ,January . A day when we learn to stay together ,be friends .

We  brought food for  poor people, clothes and machines.

We sang the song STOP BULLING , that we have wated in the music classes with our teaches for the Erasmus project .

We made two wings among all our partner.

It was great being in a friendly environment .

By Emily.

Peace Day
Peace Day

We usually go to the library once a month to read abook in english.

This sumary it is for a book that we read in the library called "The silence owl.

                      The silence owl

In a place of awood lived a owl that didn't speak , and the others animals thougtthat it was rudely rude .They asked it or greeted it every animal that saw it , but it never  spoke.

So one day they began to be worried abot it , they tolled it:if you feel well make asing , but the owl didn't speak and it only started to play instruments happily.

By Nerea P.