Recipe "Carrot Cake"


- 3 eggs

-2 carrots

-125 ml of milk

-125 ml of oil

-250 g of sugar

-375 g of flour

-A yeast's packet 


- In a bowl, beat the eggs and add the sugar, milk and oil .We mix it well .

-The flour is mixed with the yeast. We add it to the other mixture and stir everything well.

-We scratch the carrots and add it to the mixture. We beat it all with the blender.

-Everything is put in a mold and put in the oven at 180ç for 30 minutes .

By Virginia  

Japanese cotton sponge cake 

 The ingredients are 

 -6 eggs -butter 

 -10 cake flour                                         

 -100g un salted butter                           


 1 º separate egg yolkes and mix.

2 º cook over double boil until well eblended.

 3 º sift flour. 

 4 º thraw the yolks and mix.

 5 º beat egg whites until still and. pour 1/4 bsp salt and in 90g castle sugar in batches

. 6 ºmix 1/3 of the egg white mix ture whith the butter.

 7 º mix the rest of the egg whites until still.

 8 º pour water into 18 cm scuare cake tin ( 7-inch ).

 9 º pour water into the large-tray.

 10 º bake at 50 º C water bath for 90 minutes .

 11 º remove it from the mould immediately after bakeet.

 12 º set aside and leave to cool. 

 By Helena.