This is the Arranz team : Belén, Oksana, Bianka and Ana. There are four very important people to organize the English blog. Each one has her  homework , some of them are teachers ,another one is also a teacher but in practice, and there is also a mother of our classmate, always very willing to collaborate with the children helping them to carry out their work in a computerized way ,others distribute the topics to be developed . Without the teamwork of the four, none of the english projects would go ahead .  

By Maria

Oksana comes to school every Monday and Thursday to help us.
Oksana comes to school every Monday and Thursday to help us.

Our school

The school is big and the teachers are great. The school  is for children  from enfant to sixth grade of primary Education. 

There is a library, some kids go there. 

There is a computer room, we sometimes go there, and other courses too.

 On Fridays there's a musical break,  then in the playground we put some music and we dance, And we also have REDIN, indoor playground, where we play table games, always respeting the rules, and do a lot of friends.

After school ther are extra school activities like; drawing, aerobic, scratch, basketball, etc. 

We close at half past five, 


By Jorge.


The mediators are people who help people and are good person. Your job is to solve problems and  help the people. It is a very hard work because sometimes  it is complicated.

By Rodrigo